SLEEP is critical for your DadBod success and yet so many focus only on food and exercise!

Many of us come from the era of ‘sleep when dead’ mentality where we were proud to survive on minimal hours and get through!
We now know ‘all the important shit happens’ when we sleep and it is critical to understand and manage our sleep to maximise our results from clean eating and exercise.

Whether its fat loss, muscle growth, cell regeneration, hormone balance or immune system boost – so many of our critical body functions occur when we sleep and we need too prioritise this time to give our bodies the best chance of getting the results we want!

Here’s a 3 step formula to start your sleep journey:

Step 1: Track your sleep. We have so much technology now available to accurately track our sleep and give us some baseline data. Whether its a phone app, smart watch or Oura ring – there are no excuses not to know your numbers!

Step 2: Hack the fuck out of your sleep! Sounds dramatic, but simply means that there many sleep hacks that can improve the quality and quantity of sleep! Once you have some baseline data, you can track the effectiveness of sleep hacks and see the improvements!

Step 3: Once your sleep is optimised with hacks and strategies then you can keep the quality high and enjoy the benefits of good quality sleep.

Don’t wait until its too late – your sleep is critical to your DadBod success and your circadian clock is ticking!!

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Mike Warren

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