It’s not easy starting a wellness journey and FOOD is one of the biggest challenges we face!
When we prepare food at home, we have control and can experiment, but eating out, at a mates place or at work can be a choices challenge and alternatives are needed!
Here are my top 10 tips to decrease crappy processed carbs and increase healthy choices:

  1. Whatever you are served – eat the protein first and fill up on the good gear to minimise the room for sh*t foods! 🥩
  2. If you choose pizza – double the toppings and go with a thin, low-carb crust only or just eat the top! 🍕
  3. If you are going burgers – always go bunless, or low carb or a lettuce or portobello mushroom ‘bun’! 🍔
  4. Bread – just don’t – Unless it’s sourdough or low carb … it will lead you down the sh*t carb path again! 🥖
  5. Rice & Pasta dishes are always risky, so avoid and swap with a grilled fish, meat type dish that isn’t carb centric! 🍚
  6. Fruit is healthy but high in sugars and carbs, so swap out for berries for the same benefits but less nasties! 🍓
  7. Sauces are always high risk and must be ‘on the side’ so your food isn’t drowning in sugars and carbs! 🥣
  8. Sweets can be swapped for a cheese board, with some nuts and 100% dark chocolate – decadence without nasties! 🧀
  9. Snack and ‘grab and go’ packaged foods can be swapped with boiled eggs, cheese, nuts & jerky for a healthy quick fix!🥚
  10. Drinks – anything but water is risky, so swap out the juices, flavoured sodas, etc and keep it clean and not too much when eating so your digestive juices don’t drown!😂

What’s your favourite food hack?

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Mike Warren

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