The last 30% is always the hardest!
We can all get 70% of our DadBod wellness results from cleaning out and sorting the sh*t in our FOOD, MOVEMENT, SLEEP & MINDSET!👏
Then we need to dig a bit deeper and tailor our approach for our specific Health Type to get the final 30% and sustainability!
If you are being told to follow a general ‘one-size-fits-all’ program, sack your coach and start again! 😂
Understand when and how to eat and exercise for your specific body type along with your behaviours, ideal foods, productive, rest and socialising times throughout your day!

Take the simple FREE quiz below and understand whether you are:

[X] CRUSADER: You are driven to achieve and frequently succeed when your goals require a high level of mental and physical work. You are self-determined (without the need for constant praise and feedback), willing to take risks and make large efforts to create your ideas, and may sacrifice a lot to achieve what you believe you must.
You enjoy a challenge, do well with routine, are dependable, responsible and perceived as intelligent. You prefer predictability, reliability and willingly accept responsibility.

[X] ACTIVATOR: Activators are active! They love change, diversity, movement and dynamic endeavors more than sedentary or rote tasks. Movement actually gives them more energy. Activators are social beings, but still love their alone time to reboot. The Activator body is designed for movement and quick bursts of energy. They digest food quickly, so it is important to eat frequently.

[X] CONNECTOR: Connectors naturally consider the needs of others, are open and friendly, helpful, available, forgiving, kind, and affectionate. Connectors enjoy connecting with others. Due to their natural body makeup, talking to others is very good for them. Success in health will come more easily if they have support from a coach or loved ones and they can share their experience with people.

[X] DIPLOMAT: The Diplomat has one of the strongest Health Types and from historical records we know these are the natural nomads, vikings, and warriors. The Diplomat body is built to resist harsh circumstances and they have less sensitivity to pain than others. They are extremely resilient, don’t often complain about being sick and weak, and are rarely bothered by small things. The Diplomat can lift weights easily, and has the potential for exceptional endurance. Often their physical strength is matched by mental strength and endurance too.

[X] GUARDIAN: Guardians are friendly, good-natured, tolerant, predictable, steady, strong, secure, family-oriented and stable. They are naturally very supportive and enjoy easy-going activities, routine, eating with family or friends, being a spectator and connecting with others they like. They are the strongest Health Type and tolerate physical stress (such as cold, hunger, lack of sleep) better than most others. Family is very important to them and they tend to have an overall feeling of well-being.

[X] SENSOR: Sensors are analytically organized, consistent, loyal, orderly, intellectual, sensitive, focused, determined, motivated, ambitious, strong-minded, meticulous, detailed oriented, and creative. The Sensor has the ability to read others, perceive and interact at an intellectual level and can be mentally (and even physically!) flexible, incorporating many ideas into complex concepts or theories.

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