Chapter 5: “The Health and Wellness Evangelist”

Norm was feeling great. He had been following a healthy diet and exercising regularly for a few weeks now, and the results were starting to show. He had lost a few pounds and his clothes were fitting much more comfortably. His energy levels were higher, and he was sleeping better at night. He was finally on the right track to a healthier life.

But with this newfound energy and excitement, Norm became a little overzealous. He started to preach about the importance of health and wellness to anyone who would listen. He would talk about the benefits of a balanced diet and regular exercise to anyone who would listen, including his wife, Sheila, his boss, Charlie, and even complete strangers at the grocery store.

Sheila was starting to get a little tired of all the health talk. She was happy that Norm was feeling better and taking care of himself, but she didn’t want to hear about it every waking moment. “Norm, I love you, but can we talk about something other than diets and exercise?” she asked one day, exasperated.

Buddy, Norm’s 8-year-old son, was a little confused. “Dad, can we play video games instead of talking about carrots and broccoli all the time?” he asked, trying to steer the conversation back to his favorite pastime.

Nancy, Norm’s 12-year-old daughter, was proud of her dad for taking care of himself, but she too was starting to feel a little overwhelmed. “Dad, I’m glad you’re feeling better, but I don’t want to be the healthiest person in my grade,” she said, laughing.

Charlie, Norm’s boss, was also a little taken aback by Norm’s newfound passion for health and wellness. “Norm, I’m happy you’re feeling better, but can we get back to work now?” he asked, trying to steer the conversation back to the task at hand.

Norm soon realized that he was becoming a little too obsessive. He didn’t want to alienate his loved ones and colleagues, so he decided to tone down his health and wellness evangelism. He was still dedicated to his new lifestyle, but he would keep his passion for health and wellness to himself. He was happy just to feel better and enjoy the positive changes in his life.

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