Chapter 3: Distracted by Distractions

Norm had been making great progress with the help of his personal trainer and nutritionist, but he started to get distracted by all the new trends and gimmicks that promised quick results. He became obsessed with trying every new trend that came along, thinking that this was the key to finally achieving his health and wellness goals.

He started experimenting with different diets, from low-carb to high-fat to juice cleanses, and he also spent a fortune on the latest workout equipment and gadgets, convinced that they would give him the edge he needed. But despite his best efforts, he wasn’t seeing the results he wanted.

Sheila could see that Norm was getting frustrated and discouraged. She tried to talk to him about it, but he was so focused on trying everything that he wasn’t listening to her. She was worried that he was going to give up on his health and wellness goals altogether.

Buddy, Norm’s son, noticed that his dad wasn’t making progress anymore. He didn’t understand why his dad was trying so many different things and not sticking to one plan. He wanted to help but didn’t know how.

Nancy, Norm’s daughter, was worried about her dad’s well-being, she could see that the constant change in diet and fitness plans were not working out for him and wished he would stick to a consistent plan that he could follow through.

Charlie, Norm’s boss, didn’t even notice that Norm was struggling. He was too focused on his work and his own success. He didn’t care about the impact it was having on Norm’s health and well-being.

Norm eventually realized that he had been chasing the latest trends and gimmicks instead of focusing on what was truly important: making sustainable changes to his lifestyle. He decided to go back to the basics, sticking to a consistent healthy diet and exercise plan, and he finally started to see real results again. 

He also learned that there’s no shortcut for good health and wellness, it takes time, patience and consistency to achieve it. Norm had a new mindset, he stopped looking for quick fixes and started to focus on a long-term approach to his health and wellness. He was committed to making the necessary changes to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and he knew that with the support of his family, he could achieve it.

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