Everyone has an opinion on Intermittent Fasting (IF) or Time Restricted Feeding (TRF), so you have to be careful who you listen to or just have a crack yourself and see how it feels! ⏳

Here’s a few considerations before you go-ahead so you are clear on how to get the best out of IF / TRF! 

[X] What is it? – very simply IF/TRF is reducing your eating window / eating time each day to increase the fasting / non-eating time! 🕓

[X] Why are you doing this? – weight loss / ketosis / digestive rest or simply convenience with your lifestyle – know your ‘why’ first! 🤔

[X] What type of fasting? – are you doing water only, or adding in teas & coffee or maybe some fats? Each has its own benefits.☕️

[X] When will you exercise? – are you going to exercise in a fasted or fed state? Different types of exercise are impacted by fasting in different ways. 💪

[X] How long will you fast for? – will you do the traditional 18hr fast with a 6 hour eating window or mix things up ? 🤤

[X] Will you do this daily? – or are you just doing weekdays, alternate days or once a week. There is some recent research into the challenges of long term fasting for the aging male body!

Lots to understand and decide – then have a crack! 👏

Here’s the podcast smarts behind the video noise:https://tinyurl.com/FastingTRFsmarts


[X] A 12 week step-by-step proven program

[X] Covering Food, Movement, Sleep & Mindset 

[X] No excuses $1 a day DIY program to Ditch your DadBod

Course info: https://www.ditchthedadbod.com/tough-love-intensive-diy

Full video: https://youtu.be/uLuiGufH6mw

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