Here’s a tip for newbie DadBods just starting out on their wellness journey!

Understand the importance of being AGILE and adapting to small interruptions, hiccups and changes to your plans!

Shit happens – be agile and adapt!

FOOD: There will be times when you can’t get the foods you need, your meal times are messed up or you have to eat out and make quick choices. Be agile and adapt so you stay on track with minimal eating impact!

MOVEMENT: Sometimes you will have to skip a workout, are restricted by an injury or don’t get the quality of exercise you wanted. Be agile and adapt so you can modify your plan and keep your results!

SLEEP: There will be days when you have an unexpected late night, your sleep is interrupted and fatigue is your friend. Be agile and adapt so you can add a nap, or catch up on lost sleep to keep on track!

When you are able to deal with small challenges and changes effectively, you can stay positive, on plan, focussed and getting the results you deserve!

Ditch the DadBod is a global community of blokes coming together with a focus on Food, Movement, Sleep and Mindset to ditch their DadBod’s and live a long healthy and happy life surrounded by family and friends

We have a no bullshit tough-love approach and a proven DadBod formula that always get’s results. If you have let your body and mind go and are now a fat bod needing a kick up the ass with discipline, accountability and support – be part of the DadBod team!

Our Tough Love Intensive global coaching program will guarantee your results and change your world!

DadBod Tip of the Day:

“Most people fail, not because of lack of desire, but, because of lack of commitment”

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Mike Warren

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