The number one question I get asked!

‘Am I a DadBod?’ 🤔

Well if you are a bloke over 40, 50, 60 who is overweight, over-fat under-fit and under-toned then it’s a big YES! 👏

Many blokes without these obvious DadBod signs and symptoms often wave the ‘Don’t identify as a DadBod’ flag 🚩

But these are just the tip of the iceberg! 🥶

Here’s a few hidden DadBod symptoms that we often ignore but are indicators that our wellness is suffering:

[X] The hidden fat! 🫃

Visceral or hidden fat is a killer and can lead to a bunch of serious health conditions but may not be obvious on a DadBod who is not over-fat!

[X] Stresss! 😖 

Short tempered, anxious, stressed and irritable can all be signs that there are some nasties going on inside spiking the cortisol and fuelling the burnout but may not be an obvious DadBod symptom!

[X] Energy-less! 🥱

An obvious lack of energy to keep up with kids, partner or to-do list is a classic DadBod sign that there may be an underlying health condition causing chronic fatigue!

[X] Appearance! 💋

When hair, skin, nails, eyes & tongue start to look a bit dodgy and our DadBod is not healing as well as usual, it may be time to look a bit deeper at the cause! 

Being a DadBod is just a term to describe a bloke who has let his wellness slip whilst focussing on family, kids & career – but there are many visible and hidden symptoms!

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Mike Warren

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