Just starting your DadBod journey and need a boost?

Are you newbie and need some no-bullshit tips to kick-start your results, here are my top tips!

# Start by understanding your own eating. 

Resist the urge to make changes until you know what shit you are currently eating! Use a free app (My Fitness Pal or Carb Manager are my go-to’s) for at least 7 days to understand what is going in your body and your ground -zero. Ideally track your current steps, exercise, sleep and mindset as well for 7 days

# Find your compelling ‘WHY’ to start your wellness journey!

Dig really fucking deep and understand what will drive you to keep going when shit gets tough. Who will be impacted most by your lack of action and deteriorating wellness – kids, family, business, career etc. Write it down and come back to it regularly!

# Find the right person, process, system to follow. 

There are shit-loads of people in this group and out there on the web who will happily share their ‘perfect program’ for you to follow. Take time to understand what will / won’t work for you and which way you should move forward. Then give it a min 12 week commitment to see the impact on your wellness. Nothing happens quickly in wellness – patience and consistency are your friends!

# Stop living in the past!

You are no longer 20 and in your prime of life. You are older, slower, more de-conditioned and need to respect that and start at the right point. Park your chest beating ‘when I was younger’ bullshit and wake up to being more mature and a bit smarter now or you will undertake something that is unsustainable or will fuck you up!

# Be holistic!

Not the hippie shit, but think about other aspects of wellness as they all support each other.

Fix your FOOD as this is the basis for everything to fuel your body.

Add in the right daily MOVEMENT to get your body moving from day one. Focus on improving your SLEEP quality and quantity to repair and rebuild your body. Understand your MINDSET motivators and blockers or you end up back here again next year!

FOOD, MOVEMENT, SLEEP, MINDSET are a great start point!

# Then ‘Just Do It’ 

No more fucking around, telling the world, posting your intentions and delaying any action.

You have researched, tracked, decided and now its time to start your journey and begin! Head down bum up and let your results do the talking as you drag yourself back to wellness and Ditch the DadBod

Good luck mate – hope some of this helps


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Mike Warren

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