It’s the simple things in life that often have the biggest impact!

Breathing is something we all take for granted, but most of us suck at getting the best out of this simple act! 😮‍💨

Here’s some simple hacks/tips that will boost your breathing benefits and have a big impact on your wellness results!

[X] Get the belly button moving! 🫃

We spent way too much time like stressed panting dogs on heat and don’t take full breaths. Stop the fast, shallow chest high breaths and breathe lower, slower and deeper in the belly ensuring the diaphragm is involved and the belly moves.

[X] Engage the sniffer! 👃

Nasal breathing is brilliant for calming the mind and body, filters out the sh*t in the air, regulates oxygen uptake and temperature. Try nasal breathing when eating, driving, sleeping, having sex and make it part of your life! 😂

[X] Add structured breathing! 

There are a variety of structured breathing techniques that can boost your wellness, reduce stress, increase motivation, improve resilience and just make you feel amazing! Add structured breathing into your daily wellness program and live the dream! 😌

Here’s the podcast smarts behind the video noise:


[X] A 12 week step-by-step proven program

[X] Covering Food, Movement, Sleep & Mindset 

[X] No excuses $1 a day DIY program to Ditch your DadBod

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