We can survive much longer without food & water than we can without sleep and that’s a pretty good indication of how important brain health is to our body!🧠

One of the positive benefits of taking control of our wellness is the brain-boosting benefits as our DadBod’s age! 👴

Conversely, when we make sh*t lifestyle choices, it’s not only our bodies that suffer as we lose the ability to make smart wellness choices with wellness-impacted brains!🧠

Here are a few brain-boosting tips (and more in the podcast episode)
🧠Wheat in your diet will fog up your brain!
🧠Sugar in your diet will spike & crash your brain!
🧠Healthy Fats in your diet improve brain function!
🧠 Morning light from a daily walk resets your circadian rhythm!
🧠 Cardio exercise feeds your brain amazing endorphins!
🧠 Exercise boosts BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) and helps prevent Alzheimers!
🧠 Quality deep sleep washes the plaque from your brain!
🧠 Quality REM sleep forms long-term memories!
🧠 Positive mindset management helps make brainwaves more coherent giving focus and clarity!
Time to give your brain some wellness love!
Want to know more or join us for a free webinar next week?

All the details are here: https://linktr.ee/Ditchthedadbod

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Mike Warren

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