We’ve all done it! 😳

We start some new project, sport, hobby and then begin buying lots of stuff-we-don’t-need because we have been sold the benefits and importance! 💰

Health & Wellness is a sitting duck 🦆 for this and so many blokes on their DadBod journey are being sold sh*t they don’t need via Facebook feeds, clever marketing or well meaning mates!

Here’s some classics to question before you commit:

[X] Sh*t branded snacks!

Keto/Paleo/Vego/Carnivore pre-packaged ‘healthy’ snacks that are ultra processed, full of nasties and preservatives but are sold to those following a way of eating as an ‘approved’ snack!😡

[X] Super-foods/ powdered greens!

Very often simply heathy foods that have been processed, powdered and added to then sold back as great additions to our wellness journey – use real food! 🥬

[X] Protein / Collagen powders!

Occasionally great for a protein top-up, but are sold as and every day / workout food replacement which results in more ultra processed sh*t in our diet and often gut micro biome issues! 🤮

[X] Multivitamins

Sold as everyday necessities on a wellness journey and often full of sugars, binders and chelated to make them last.💊

Any others?

Here’s the podcast smarts behind the video noise: https://tinyurl.com/AreYouBeingSoldShit

Full video: https://youtu.be/D9QDm4KGPhA

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Mike Warren

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