It’s frustrating when 2 blokes follow the identical program and get very different results!😫

In wellness one size does not fit all!😑

There are some underlying principles about FOOD, MOVEMENT, SLEEP & MINDSET, but then we need to tailor the program to individual body types to maximise effectiveness and results!

Here’s a handy lens and more details in the podcast:

[X] Adrenal body type?😮
You put on fat on your belly and back. Likely a Type A competitive personality and low-carb eating work well for you! Mixed resistance and cardio training will get you great results!
[X] Liver body type?🤔
You often have a round fat face and fat distribution all over often with fluid retention. You have difficulty losing weight and need to clean sh*t out of your liver first. Walking as a workout is your fat loss friend!
[X] Thyroid body type?🥶
You were long and lanky as a kid and now gain weight on your hips, butt & legs. You feel the cold and tend towards lower energy. Shorter workouts are a winner for you!

Don’t fall into the one-size-fits-all wellness trap and simply follow a mate without understanding your body type needs!

Podcast episode and more info here:

Full video:

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Mike Warren

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