It’s frustrating to see so many good blokes struggling to take back control of their wellness because of some simple but stupid mistakes that make things so much harder than they should be!

Having helped hundreds of blokes – here’s my list of 10 Mistakes Blokes Make …when trying to Ditch their DadBod!

  1. Not having a compelling WHY! Expecting to get results with some superficial surface goals that fall apart when sh*t gets tough!😖
  2. Living in the past! Thinking that a program that worked for you in the 80’s is a smart DadBod move 30 years later! 🫢
  3. Avoiding FOOD ground zero! Not taking the time to understand your own FOOD numbers today, before you start making any changes! 😜
  4. Doing dumb MOVEMENT! Choosing stupid exercises from a past life that often do more harm than help! 🤕
  5. Planning to fail! Failing to plan everything and then wondering why your program falls apart and you start sliding backwards! 😞
  6. SLEEP ignorance! Not understanding that all the good wellness sh*t happens when we SLEEP and still ignoring this vital part of the puzzle 🤫
  7. Bullsht Blame MINDSET! Still living in the shtty past full of failures, frustrations and blame but expecting positive results today! 😳
  8. Thinking holistic is for hippies! And only focussing on FOOD & MOVEMENT without including SLEEP, MINDSET, lifestyle, family, kids, career and all the other vital pieces!
  9. Shotguns and shiny toys! Constantly looking for quick fixes, shiny toys and easy solutions and shotgunning energy in all directions! 😵‍💫
  10. Purple circle management! Allowing sh*t stakeholder and communication management to de-rail your wellness journey and undo all your hard work! 😡
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Mike Warren

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