I only work with a small number of DadBods who are serious about getting results!
Sound like you?
You likely know what ‘Tough Love’ is all about and have experienced discipline and accountability previously and it’s worked for you!
You are not afraid of putting in the hard work and love being challenged and pushed in the right direction and you know this motivates you to succeed.
You probably have great mindset, dedication and drive and that’s why you have been successful in many other areas, however you now realise that age is catching up and you need to be smart about this or you will end up injured, bruised and broken!
Through the pillars of FOOD, MOVEMENT, SLEEP & MINDSET I teach you WHAT to do & give you the exact personalised plan and structure to follow and the discipline of Tough Love coaching holds you accountable for your actions and gets you the results you deserve!

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DadBod Transformations

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Hi I’m Terry! I was on a downward spiral and suffering from a variety of serious health challenges. This program gave me success in every aspect of my life, not least my wellness. I now feel in control of my wellness and whether it’s food, movement, sleep or mindset, I understand how to optimise my wellness and maintain my results!

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Hi I’m Mike! I was in a rut and needed some Tough Love to kickstart my motivation. Now I feel on fire,energised again and loving life. Mike was there with me every step of the way and is still supporting me when I need it or hit a rough patch!

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Hi I’m Steve! I have my youth back with the energy of my 20s, not to mention my guns! My DadBod has gone and I am loving life again

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Hi I’m Dom! I was fat and deconditioned and my family needed me to step up and take control ofmy health! Now down a total of 50kg(110lb)and feeling amazing. I followed the formula and Mike’s ranting and raving and Tough Love approach and now I have the health & wellness I craved for years!

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Hi I’m Mark! My new found wellness has cleared my mind, strengthened my body and boosted my energy for my family and business. My Tough Love journey has changed my world and now I am a regular exerciser, healthy eater and loving life again!

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Hi I’m John – Ex Marine, stubborn go-getter and I needed a lot of Tough Love to kick my ass into shape! My goal was to get ready knee replacement surgery and I achieved this and so much more. I am off my meds, fitter, stronger and more toned than I have been for years. In addition my sleep and mindset are significantly better and I just feel great!

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Hi, I’m Venu! Mike called me ‘the quiet achiever’ because I simply followed the TLI process and did everything he asked! It worked for me and now I look and feel fantastic and haven’t looked back! This could be you too!

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There’s lots of ways to describe Ruggie! Salt of the earth, rough and ready, loud and brash, hard as nails and all fit depending on when you bump into him! I got the Ruggie who was gagging for change and ready for a some physical and mental positivity and took to coaching like a duck to water! And now he is a changed man, fitter, stronger and healthier than he has been for many years and getting better every day! May this testimonial be an inspiration to others sitting on the fence of life and thinking about jumping!

Be like John!

Stubborn, opinionated tough ex-marine with a passion to get back in control of his wellness after a few years of shit lifestyle choices.
John’s a successful go-getter with a bunch of baggage from years of pushing himself hard as a marine and businessman, but frustrated that he couldn’t control his health and wellness without some Tough Love help. He threw himself 100% into the program and followed the formula and is now in great physical and mental shape and ready for a positive future!
His testimonial is an inspiration for anyone doubting if they are ready to Ditch their DadBod and live a long happy & healthy life!

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Be like Crawfs!

Crawf’s has been a mate for a long time and I have watched him do the fat-skinny,  fit-unfit, well-unwell dance many times!

Finally I got the opportunity to kick his arse properly and he is now a much nicer human and living the wellness dream!

With a new respect and understanding of his FOOD, MOVEMENT, SLEEP & wellness MINDSET, I am now confident he will be around long enough to be a mate for many more years!

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Be like Mike!

As a high performing commercial pilot and global adventurer, Mike was used to pushing himself above and beyond, however like many successful people, without constant challenge he had slipped into complacency. Mike needed some Tough Love to kickstart his wellness! He gave the program 100% and now reaps the rewards of amazing wellness, energy and motivation – ready for his next conquest!


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Be like Terry!

I love this guy for 2 compelling reasons!
Firstly Terry followed the Tough Love program to the letter and got all the results and rewards he deserves and is now living the wellness dream!
Secondly, he’s my BIG brother and having him go through the program brought us closer than ever! I was worried about his health before he started, so to see him now, in great shape, looking and feeling amazing means the world!

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Be Like Steve!

As a highly successful entrepreneur and business owner, Steve is a classic example of a bloke who put 100% into his business, career and family and forgot to look after himself. As an ex-serviceman Steve had been fit and healthy in his younger days, but was struggling to prioritise his health and wellness. Steve dived headfirst into the program and after overhauling his own wellness, he put some key members of his leadership team through it too! Steve is now enjoying more success and happiness than he has for a long time after ditching his DadBod!

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Be like Dom!

Surrounded by shit foods and poor choices, Dom was significantly overweight and a primary candidate for an early grave. Dom knew he needed to change but had no idea where to begin his DadBod transformation!
Dom had outstanding results following the formula and program. He loved the accountability and no bullshit approach and has now changed his world! Dom continues to follow the program and has now lost almost 50kg (110lb) .. wow!

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Be like Mark!

Mark is an amazing family man and successful businessman. He spends most of his time focussing on everyone around him and that meant his health and wellness had taken a back seat.
Mark needed some help to re-prioritise himself and ditch his DadBod. Since finishing the program Mark is loving his new mindset, body and energy! As one of the nicest blokes I have ever had the pleasure to work with, Mark truly deserves the amazing results he achieved.

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Be like Venu!

Such a gentleman and a pleasure to coach, Venu was softly spoken but very determined to follow the program and achieve the outcomes he wanted and deserved!
With minimal fanfare and noise, Venu simply executed each step as I asked and took back control of his health, wellness and happiness!
Hats off to you sir! – an awesome effort and now you can enjoy the successes you have earned! 👏

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Be like Anthony!

There’s lots of ways to describe Ruggie!
Salt of the earth, rough and ready, loud and brash, hard as nails and all fit depending on when you bump into him!
I got the Ruggie who was gagging for change and ready for a some physical and mental positivity and took to coaching like a duck to water!
And now he is a changed man, fitter, stronger and healthier than he has been for many years and getting better every day!
May this testimonial be an inspiration to others sitting on the fence of life and thinking about jumping!

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Whats included?

1.An initial assessment

Brutally honest feedback about your DadBod and how to ditch it for good. We will go through your ‘DadBod story’ in detail to understand why you let things slip and ended up here and more importantly how we can turn things around!
You will complete a comprehensive personal assessment including measurements, health conditions, epigenetics, family origins and current environment.
All this information is critical to personalising your DadBod solution!

2.Individualised plans

No fancy shit; just practical and easy to follow plans for food, movement and sleep that are personalised for you. Every bloke is different and your DadBod plan will be designed specifically for your current condition, goals, restrictions and flexibility.
Your personalised program will be available to access 24/7 via our PH360 & Everfit app so you will have all the information at your fingertips!
So no excuses not to get results!

3.Tough love

Discipline and accountability focussed with lots of support to help you succeed. We all know what we should do and have often done this dance before but the secret sauce here is the 1:1 intensive accountability, daily discipline and ongoing education. This proven formula just works!


I teach you what works and how to make this sustainable and for life. A big part of this success is understanding why we follow this formula and this ongoing education is woven into the coaching to give you both the science and the smarts to make this work for you!
For those who love the data – there will be a shitload of research info / scientific support data and reference available so you can spend hours swimming in science if thats your jam!


I work with you to measure, monitor and review your progress. You cant manage what you don’t measure and accuracy is critical to your success. The discipline of tracking and measuring and knowing your numbers will underpin your ongoing success and sustainability!
Noise and bullshit only get you so far so we need raw dat to measure and drive the results you deserve and we harness technology at every opportunity to support this!

6.Daily accountability

Me in your face daily throughout the program!
Sounds horrible and often it is, however we know accountability works and the success of this program stems from having nowhere to hide and being held accountable every day to follow the process!

7.Weekly check ins

Keeping you on track with a review of the week and a plan for the week ahead. Every week we have a face-to-face debrief of the past week, and make plans and modifications for the next 7 days. Every week there will be new learnings, focus areas and activities and these are explained on our weekly call