We know that the secret to ditching your DadBod and living a long happy & healthy life can be unlocked by focussing on 4 key areas, FOOD, MOVEMENT, SLEEP & MINDSET
Our DadBod approach is built on foundations of discipline, accountability and education. Many DadBod’s already understand how to push themselves, and have often had a background operating in challenging conditions and building careers and businesses.
Now a few years later, the focus has been on work, family and getting ahead and wellness has taken a hit and it’s time to get back in shape!
You are often your own worst enemy, with a can-do mindset in a neglected body that needs the right personalised program, guidance and support!
The magic happens when you follow a proven program that has been tailored for your age and stage with support (and some kick-ass accountability) every step of the way!
You have served your time and now deserve to put your wellness as a priority and live your best possible life!
Seize the moment!

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Every body type responds differently to proteins, fats & carbohydrates and the key is to create a personalised way of eating that is perfect for your body.
Say goodbye to inflammation, bloating, fluid and fatigue and welcome in a new clear energy, vitality and gut health. Equally as important is understanding your ideal eating times, macros and portions to fuel your body perfectly and give you the results you deserve!


Developing a regular exercise or movement habit including elements of resistance & strength training, cardio exercises and mobility work. DadBods need a tailored exercise program to boost fat loss, strengthen the body and improve overall fitness and wellness!
As our bodies age, we need to respect the lives we have led and the damage that’s been done and follow a program that strengthens every aspect of our wellness and allows us to enjoy health, fitness and energy again!


A focus on improving both the quality and quantity of healthy sleep to repair, restore and rejuvenate the body. This is where ‘the good shit happens’ and it’s critical to maximise our sleep and give our bodies the best chance of living a long healthy life!
We may have ignored or tolerated poor sleep for years but this is catching up on us and our mind and body is screaming out for better quality and and quantity of restorative sleep to get the best results from our new food and movement lifestyle!


Developing strategies to understand and prevent mindset blockers and introduce Mindset motivators to create motivation and resilience. If you have grown a DadBod, then you know that something has slipped and your priorities and choices have been unbalanced and need to change!
Many of us are used to simply ‘blocking out’ the shit thoughts and negativity and getting on with the job!
Now we need to understand how to use this mental strength to fuel our wellness journey and get the results we deserve!


It’s frustrating to see so many blokes struggling to take back control of their wellness because of simple but stupid mistakes that make things so much harder than they should be!

You deserve a long happy & healthy life surrounded by family and friends and getting your wellness sorted is key to this!

Join me on this free LIVE Zoom event as I walk through the top 10 mistakes that many blokes make when starting out!



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Hi I’m Mark! My new found wellness has cleared my mind, strengthened my body and boosted my energy for my family and business. My Tough Love journey has changed my world and now I am a regular exerciser, healthy eater and loving life again!

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Hey I’m Crawf’s I thought I knew this stuff with a background in sports and psychology but always struggled to get sustainable results till Mike kicked my arse through the Tough Love program! Now I am a new man!

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Hi I’m Mike! I was in a rut and needed some Tough Love to kickstart my motivation. Now I feel on fire,energised again and loving life. Mike was there with me every step of the way and is still supporting me when I need it or hit a rough patch!

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Hi I’m John – Ex Marine, stubborn go-getter and I needed a lot of Tough Love to kick my ass into shape! My goal was to get ready knee replacement surgery and I achieved this and so much more. I am off my meds, fitter, stronger and more toned than I have been for years. In addition my sleep and mindset are significantly better and I just feel great!

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Hi I’m Terry! I was on a downward spiral and suffering from a variety of serious health challenges. This program gave me success in every aspect of my life, not least my wellness. I now feel in control of my wellness and whether it’s food, movement, sleep or mindset, I understand how to optimise my wellness and maintain my results!

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Hi I’m Dom! I was fat and deconditioned and my family needed me to step up and take control ofmy health! Now down a total of 50kg(110lb)and feeling amazing. I followed the formula and Mike’s ranting and raving and Tough Love approach and now I have the health & wellness I craved for years!

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Hi I’m Steve! I have my youth back with the energy of my 20s, not to mention my guns! My DadBod has gone and I am loving life again

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Hi, I’m Venu! Mike called me ‘the quiet achiever’ because I simply followed the TLI process and did everything he asked! It worked for me and now I look and feel fantastic and haven’t looked back! This could be you too!

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There’s lots of ways to describe Ruggie! Salt of the earth, rough and ready, loud and brash, hard as nails and all fit depending on when you bump into him! I got the Ruggie who was gagging for change and ready for a some physical and mental positivity and took to coaching like a duck to water! And now he is a changed man, fitter, stronger and healthier than he has been for many years and getting better every day! May this testimonial be an inspiration to others sitting on the fence of life and thinking about jumping!


Follow the three simple steps below and start your DadBod transformation today!



Click HERE to take the first step towards ditching your DadBod.
If you have come this far, don’t give up now. I have helped so many blokes just like you transform their Dadbod lives and you should be next!
You deserve this but the clock is ticking!


Step 2

I will be in contact with you to understand your personal situation and the compelling reasons you need to ditch your DadBod and give you all the information you need to ensure this will work for you!
I don’t mess around with small talk and ego stroking, so don’t expect group hugs and high fives!
You will get an honest conversation and understanding of what I do and how i do it – then you make the decision, whether you are in or out!


Step 3

The final decision is always yours and I need to know that you are 100% committed to ditching your DadBod and following the formula!
I will be tough on you and push your buttons to make sure you are committed and not just testing the water!
I always get results and you probably know by now that you won’t do this alone, so time to go boots’n’all?


A few years back I was a fat, lazy career focussed alcoholic, eating shit food but believing I was clever and successful. Deep down I knew my kids, family and career deserved better, so age 50 I made the decision to go cold turkey, clean up my act and get healthy.

It wasn’t easy, but with a disciplined mindset, the right eating plan, the right training and some decent sleep I’m got myself back to the best shape of my life.

Based on my own experience, I developed a DadBod formula that works and has helped thousands of blokes transform their health, wellness and life.  As a coach, trainer and motivator, I strongly believe in a no bullshit Tough Love approach. We all have stories and baggage that needs to be acknowledged and respected, then worked around or through with relentless discipline.

I personally invite you to get started today, ditch your DadBod and live the life you deserve!


Frequently asked questions


Lots of our DadBods have let themselves go and in are in shit shape from poor lifestyle choices. Ditching the DadBod is a long game but if you follow the plan you will get there. With support, discipline and accountability every step of the way to get you the transformation you deserve!


We start your journey with a full assessment to determine your specific health type and then use this profile to personalise your FOOD, MOVEMENT, SLEEP & MINDSET plan!
No one size fits all bullshit – a personalised approach for your specific DadBod!


Before you start the program we’ll go through any medical conditions or injuries and tailor the program for you. We also advise that you work with your medical practitioner to ensure the program is suitable for you. We have worked with hundreds of DadBods with a variety of restrictions and tailored a program to suit them!


You have 3 options:
1. I coach DadBods through a one on one 12 week paid ‘Tough Love Intensive’ (TLI) program – all the details are here on the site
2. Or you can undertake a DIY Tough Love Program. It’s the same program but you follow the 12 weeks online at your own pace and motivate yourself
3. Or just steal all my shit and use it for free. There are hundreds of videos, podcasts, posts and tips and you are welcome to go solo at no cost


I work with blokes over 40 who have let themselves get out of shape because they have focussed on their families & career!
Most of the guys I work with have put their energy into career, business, family and success and simply let their wellness slip and are now hitting the age where shit gets real!
Ideally you are success focussed and will follow the formula and not wave the princess flag when I kick your ass!
Sound like you?


Yes & No!
Yes – I will take into account your age, stage and goals and modify and personalise a FOOD, MOVEMENT, SLEEP formula that works for you!
No – It is my way or the highway and when you commit, I will expect 100% adherence to the agreed program and be kicking your ass every step of the way to get the results you deserve!